Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine &
a bit of Design

A courtyard conversation series
inspired by Jessica Walsh
and hosted by Dow Design

A courtyard conversation night held bi-monthly at Dow Design in Auckland, New Zealand, where ladies working in creative industries are invited to join us for wine, nibbles and casual conversations on a wide variety of topics related to creativity, business and life. It’s free, but reservations are first come, first served, and each event is limited to only 20 ladies, so if you’re a creative female and would like to attend, please order tickets here.

Wed 15 Feb Chit-Chats with Boss Babes

Inspired by #girlboss we have a series of short, focused conversations with a selection of leading boss (not to be confused with bossy) babes: Michele Whitecliffe (Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design) and Claire Sullivan (Denizen).

Wed 19 Apr Design thinking/stinking

Has all of this 'thinking' around design become over-rated or are we still diggin' it? Our speakers (Jane Strange, Donna McCort and Amabel Hunting) will discuss.

Wed 21 June Keeping (in)sane

"You can always trust a busy woman to get the job done."
Our three speakers Sandy Burgham, Danielle Lendich & Ngila Dickson delve into the survival instincts us ladies harness everyday to keep all those balls in the air.

Wed 30 Aug Surviving the Boys Club

Inspired by the Feminist Fight Club, our speakers: Jenny McMillan, Sophie Cousso & Maxine Fleming share the frustrations they face as women battling industry sexism, and trade tips with us for how best to tackle those challenges.

Wed 18 Oct Show me the money

Let’s not give away our product at knock-down prices. Our speakers (yet to be announced) give us inspiration about fighting for the true value of design and for your own worth.

Coming in 2018 Celebrating GRAND designs

Lets celebrate the power of grand design with these visionary ladies (yet to be announced).

Jessica Walsh started Ladies, Wine & Design in New York after doing a lot of thinking and reading on why there are so few female Creative Directors. She believes we can create change through mentorship and championing each others' work. As a female led creative company in Auckland, we are inspired by Jessica's global call for open conversations on design with a drop of wine. Auckland has more than it's fair share of exceptionally creative women and it is our hope to bring us all together at Ladies, Wine & Design.

About the hosts:
Dow Design has been a leading New Zealand design company for more than 21 years, piloted by Annie Dow (Director) and Donna McCort (Creative Director).

Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett
Stunning imagery for Ladies, Wine and Design by Liron Ashkenazi

Thank you to our wonderful supporters who helped us launch our first event...
A huge "thank you" to our on-going sponsors – Marcel's and SOHO Wines.