Ladies, Wine &
a bit of Design

Creative girls living in Aveiro
gather for some talks and drinks

A monthly meet and talk with creative ladies we’ll chat on topics related to our creative work, side projects, business, and general life in the city or abroad. If you are a creative female and would like to join us, please send an email. Talks are in Portuguese or in English, if international guests join. Ladies only!

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October 21 2016, 20h Meet & Greet

We'll meet in person, introduce ourselves, talk about our current projects and share a few ideas for the upcoming events.

November 12 2016, 21h Side Projects

Why we all have side projects and what we are doing at the moment that is not work related but brings out our creativity and spices our skills.

December 10 2016, 21h Inspiration

What inspires your work? Is inspiration really important?
We will have visual artist Margarida Girão as special guest to join us!

January 28 2017, 21h Freelance vr. Full-time

This time we'll talk about our work experiences as freelance artists or in house full time creatives. Pros and cons, what made us change, and all about it! Join us!

March 4 2017, 21h Design as strategic value

With our guest Mónica Santos we will talk about what is design on the other side of something new and trendy? What more can design add to products and organizations? What strategies and processes can we find to offer projected value to our projects?

March 25 2017, 21h Social Design

Designer Susana António will be our guest and the talk will focus on her work with the elders and how we can make a difference in our local community through design.

April 2017 *info soon*

We're planning the April event more on it soon, news on our FB page

Aveiro is a beautiful city by the sea and its been atracting more and more creatives. Most of the time we don't know others who are working in the same (or different) fields and joining these events will be a great excuse to meet new girls and approach work related topics in a relaxed way! Ladies of all fields of creative work are welcome to join us!

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