Ladies, Wine &
a bit of Design

Hosted by
Elina Holley, Eija Vierimaa, Katja Järventaka, Pauliina Nikola, Sanna Eronen & Kira Sjöberg

Ladies, Wine & Design is a series of events for creatives and like-minded professionals. We have casual conversations about design, business and creative life over a glass of wine. We are committed to encouraging each other and sharing knowledge, as well as having fun and being awesome. Our network hosts inspiring talks, company visits and small group gatherings (in Finnish or English depending on the occasion). The number of attendees is limited, but varies according to the capacity of each event. We try our best to make our events free of charge and our reservations open to all on a first come, first served basis. Join us on Facebook and Instagram and keep up to date with our latest news. You can also drop us a line by email.

TBA First ever LWD from HEL

Stay tuned for our first events!

Jessica Walsh, a designer and partner at Sagmeister & Walsh, started Ladies, Wine & Design in NYC to boost female creativity, as only a small percent of creative directors, CEOs and board members are women. She believes in making a difference through mentorship and championing others’ work. We loved the idea and decided to bring this network to Helsinki. We want to foster trust, honesty and provide a space in which everyone can speak openly. We can’t wait to meet more amazing creatives in Helsinki and see where this journey takes us.