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Ladies*, Wine** & Design is a global non-profit initiative with chapters in 280 cities worldwide. LW&D was founded in 2015 by Jessica Walsh after this happened. Only .1% of creative agencies are founded by women & non-binary people, and the numbers are even smaller for women/non-binary BIPOC. Our mission is to see more diversity in the creative industry, especially within leadership roles. LW&D takes an intersectional approach to this work. We offer free mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, talks & creative meetups for underrepresented creatives.

*Our space is inclusive of all women, non-binary, agender and gender non-conforming people. Self-definition is at the sole discretion of that individual. If you feel you could benefit from a space meant for people who do not identify as cis men to share ideas and collaborate, you are welcome. **Alcohol is entirely optional; you can drink tea, coffee, or whatever you like!

Upcoming Events
December LW&D Curitiba

Dec 4th | “DIREITOS TRABALHISTAS PARA PROFISSIONAIS CRIATIVOS”: Live LW&D. Join LW&D Curitiba in a discussion on the importance of labor laws and how they can protect us in the workplace. In a live event, led by Sarah Queiroz with special guest Bruna Garmatter—a future lawyer and designer—who will chat about labor laws focusing on the creative market. Also speaking will be Professor Márcia Bruginski, Lawyer, Unicuritiba Coordinator and Professor of Labor Law.⁠ Bring your wine glass, and get ready for a chat with lots of information on December 4th at 8PM. INFO

December LW&D Vienna

Dec 7th | “REWORK”: Personal Strategies. Join LW&D Vienna‘s next event about REwork—professional strategies via Google Meet. Pandemic situation has changed a lot. Not just socially, but also how we work. New strategies are needed in more than just one area of our life—how, for example, do we choose the right job and the right customers in the future, who or what suits me and how do I position myself clearly and to my advantage? Mag. Bettina Schatz, Team Coordinator for Sales Growth & Market Analysis at @willhaben & member of the Board of Management at Strategy Austria, speaks about this and about completely different strategies. RSVP

December LW&D Newcastle

Dec 9th | “ZOOMING AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE”: Virtual Drinks. ‘Tis the season for a LW&D Newcastle partay. No presentations, no Q&A, just good old-fashioned letting your hair down with a group of creative lasses. Surprises in store to get into the mood and a quick Christmas quiz with a lush prize. Extra points for those who go the extra mile with a festive background. Normally, we ask you to pay £5 to cover our overheads for real world events, but as we’re online, we’re asking you to donate that fiver to Smart Works, a UK charity that helps women back into employment–restoring their confidence and ultimately, transforming their lives. RSVP

December LW&D San Francisco

Dec 9th | “RISE & DESIGN”: A Conversation About Crafting Your Unique Journey. This holiday season, LW&D San Francisco is grateful for role models who dream big and live boldly, and who inspire us to do the same. In an opportunity to learn from one such role model, Viola Sutanto, the founder and creative force behind @maikagoods will discuss nontraditional career paths, design and business, taking risks, and everything in between. Bring your coffee and curiosity to this morning session! RSVP

December LW&D Coruna

Dec 10th | “QUEN ANDA AÍ?”: Unha conversa entre LW&D Coruna para pechar o ano. Despois de 10 meses sen eventos presenciais, botamos en falta a complicidade das nosas antigas xuntanzas. Acordádesvos? Queremos pechar o ano cunha dinámica parola entre nós. Escoitándonos, e sacando algo en claro deste ano -canto menos- diferente. Contaremos cunha sorpresa de @vinodelmes! Quen se apunta? Envía un correo a INFO

December LW&D Denver

Dec 10th | “CREATING A BUSINESS AND BRAND FROM SCRATCH”: with Esther Lee Leach of Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine and Stacy Taubman of RISE Collaborative. Have you ever wanted to start and brand your own business? LW&D Denver invites you to join us in a panel discussion with two talented businesswomen who can walk you through the inception of a business, building a brand, and maintaining an engaged audience. Esther Lee Leach of @cherrycreekfashion and Stacy Taubman of @risecollaborativeworkspace will be speaking at this month’s virtual event. RSVP

December LW&D London

Dec 10th | “XMAS EVENT”: Join LW&D London for an evening of inspiring talks and virtual networking. Their inspirational special guests are: Emilia Buggins and Juliette Hettema of @quietstrength_, a community bringing creative introverts together for monthly group meet ups and workshops; Sana Iqbal, who brightened the days this year with her #transformstories—good news she curated and shared on her Instagram Stories during lockdowns; and Emma Williams of @_postquarantine, a series of workshops to write to your future self beyond Covid-19. This event is limited to 100 people so RSVP to join on Zoom. RSVP

December LW&D Santo Domingo

Nov 10th | “RE-IMAGINEMOS”: El sistema para todes. LW&D Santo Domingo‘s last event of the year! ⁣After reading an article from Laura Vicens, LW&D Santo Domingo invited Laura, a brand consultant, to talk about how we can work for a more inclusive labor system for everyone⁣. Laura Vicens has more than 12 years of experience in strategy, leading “Strategic Planning” and research teams. Via Zoom on Thursday, December 10 at 7PM, we wait for you with a glass of wine in hand. ⁣INFO

December LW&D Zaragoza

Dec 11th | “ENCUENTRO VIRTUAL INTERIORISMO MENTAL”: with Paula Oisa, Interiorista y Creativa. For those of us who love what we do and we have always been told that we have a very well furnished head, join LW&D Zaragoza for a mental interior design workshop, as well as self-love tips for creative women, with Paula Pisa from @pisamoreno. Friday, December 11 at 7:00 p.m. direct on Instagram. INFO

December LW&D Nurmeberg

Dec 12th | “UNITY SERIES”: Moms & Not Moms Unite. LW&D Nurmeberg‘s UNITY SERIES on the topic of whether you decided to stay childless, became a mom or are not really thinking about it. The topic often brings misguided judgments and division. Hear all voices to build bridges. Saturday, December 12, 16:00. If you wish to join, email with your name and Instagram handle. Please be aware that spots are limited as we like to keep our events intimate with a chance for all participants to speak. INFO

December LW&D Panama

Dec 12th | “ANIVERSARIO”: LW&D Panama is celebrating their two year anniversary with 3 inspiring panel discussions on design and creativity. Talk about topics related to Creative Processes, Branding and Illustration; Design Towards Society: Where we will reflect on how to bring design to the public sphere, its potential for social impact, and its role in ethics and inclusion; Design Towards Entrepreneurship: Where we will learn about personal branding, finances and what you should know about legality when undertaking. RSVP

December LW&D Edmonton

Dec 14th | “HOLIDAY MINGLER”: The holidays are looking a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t mingle with our fellow creatives and enjoy a virtual holiday party of our own! Grab your fave festive bevvie and join LW&D Edmonton on Zoom at 7pm to celebrate, wrap up a year of events and have informal chats with amazing creative women! INFO

December LW&D Atlanta

Dec 15th | “BRAND & SOCIAL”: Should social be kept personal or used for work? How can it be used to promote your work, gain feedback from others, and network? Let’s discuss! Join LW&D Atlanta on Instagram Live with Manu Muraro, founder of @yoursocialteam, to discuss the ups and downs of personal branding and how to maintain an engaged audience. INFO

December LW&D Hamburg

Dec 15th | “FREELANCE in a F*ck*ng Pandemic”: If you’re a freelancer or want to become one: this is for you. For LW&D Hamburg‘s second Cyber Salon Night, meet online to talk about the challenges of freelancing—especially in a global pandemic. Guest speaker, Ann Eckert talks about her journey as a freelance designer and how the pandemic affected her work. INFO

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LW&D takes an intersectional approach to feminism. What does that mean?

LW&D takes an intersectional approach to feminism, recognizing the complicated experiences of individuals based on the varying intersections of privilege and oppression. Feminism can not only champion the equality of white, cisgender, straight women. Feminism must be inclusive of all people, championing equality for everyone, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, age, or ability.

Intersectional feminism is imperative as we push for equality for women, non-binary, trans & BIPOC creatives in the creative field. We must adopt an intersectional lens as we battle discrimination in the creative industry. So, what does this mean? We must take into account people’s varying experiences, such as someone who is both a woman and a woman of color. Watch this ted talk talk by Kimberlé Crenshaw for more context.

Ladies, Wine & Design was founded in 2015 with the mission to fight for equality for all in the design industry. We do this by: 1. Hosting free events for underrepresented creatives 2. Amplifying the work & voices of underrepresented creatives through web & social media features and interviews 3. Free mentorship for underrepresented creatives  4. Connecting underrepresented creatives together to share resources, knowledge, connections, inspiration & advice.

If you would like to be paired with a mentor, please email us. If you’re in the creative industry and can offer your mentorship or guidance, do contact us to get involved.

I’m looking for a mentor / I’d like to be a mentor

With COVID-19, we’ve started doing mentorships digitally over video chat. If you’re an underrepresented creative looking for a mentor, please email us with the title “I want to find a mentor – Your Name Here” to If you’re able to mentor others, email us with the title “I’d like to be a mentor – Your Name Here” to

Why are the majority of leadership positions held by men?

There are many reasons for the lack of diversity in leadership roles historically:


Sexism & Racism in the Workplace
There are studies that show that companies are often consciously or unconsciously biased in favor of candidates who are cis white men, which leads them to be hired, getting raises, and receiving promotions. While this is changing, there is still a pay gap today between candidates who hold the same job titles. Women & non-binary people of all racial and ethnic groups earn less than white men, and studies show there is an even larger wage gap for BIPOC. If you’re in a leadership role, be cognizant of this bias and make sure raises and promotions are given out based on merit.


Lack of Diversity in Mentors & Idols Historically
Open a design history book, and you’ll see that almost all the famous designers mentioned are white men. The design industry used to be a boys club at the top, lacking diversity across both gender and race. With a lack of representation among their role models, underrepresented people can be deterred from pursuing creative positions. Thanks to the pioneering activists and feminists before us, this has been changing and many of our favorite designers working today are other women and non-binary creatives! But, there is still a lot of work to do. Intersectional feminism is imperative as we push for equality for all people in the creative field. We must adopt an intersectional lens as we battle discrimination in the creative industry. So, what does this mean? We must take into account people’s varying experiences, such as someone who is both a woman and a woman of color. In order to have equality and representation of all women and non-binary people in the creative field, we can champion and celebrate the successes of one another, offering guidance and mentorship to underrepresented creatives starting out in their careers. If you’re in the creative industry and can offer your mentorship or guidance, do contact us to get involved.


The responsibility of childbearing
Many people start families and have children around the age when they are furthering their education or entering the labor force. Historically, most cisgender men continued working and did not hold child-bearing responsibilities, leading to a gender imbalance in terms of career success. Many call this the “motherhood tax,” referring to the financial burdens and sacrifices involved in motherhood.


Trans and non-binary people in the workplace
Discrimination and prejudice against non-binary people is a form of sexism that happens in the workplace across all industries. This discrimination affects every aspect of both a person’s working and personal life. Studies show that nearly 60% of transgender people report having experienced employment discrimination, including being fired, denied a promotion or harassed. It is imperative that we make a conscious effort for equality of all people in the workplace, respecting and accepting everyone for who they are. Trans and non-binary people have the right to be able to live, dress and have their gender respected at work.

What can I do to help change the numbers?

While the numbers are staggering simple things can change them:


Promote Your Peers

In studies, successful women and non-binary people are shown to receive more backlash compared to successful men. Root for one another and celebrate each other’s successes instead of tearing each other down. We can all help in various ways, big or small. Share your favorite designers on your social media, invite more underrepresented voices to your design conferences, make sure there is diversity in books on design, and so on.


Leadership at Companies

As a leader, make sure underrepresented creatives are considered for promotions, receive feedback to get to higher positions, and create action plans that help build leadership skills. Do not penalize or discredit people for needing work-life balance and flexibility.


Support Women & Non-Binary People in the Workplace

Be supportive of all people in your workspace. Use gender-neutral language in the workplace ask and use peoples correct pronouns. In addition, women and non-binary voices are often not heard or their ideas get lost in meetings. Make sure they have their physical spot in conversations, not getting elbowed out by others. If someone interrupts them, be direct and ask the interrupter to wait for their turn to speak. If you see someone’s ideas are immediately getting unfairly shut down, repeat, reference, and credit that idea over and over. This technique is called amplification and we owe this to Obama’s administration.


Mentor Women & Non-Binary Creatives

If you’ve found success as a creative, take the time to mentor others who are starting out in their careers.


Don’t Tolerate Sexism, Racism, or Homophobia

Do not normalize forms of sexism by accepting mansplaining, manterrupting, gaslighting or bropriating. If you see racist/sexist/homophobic behavior in public or at home, speak up against it. If you see this behavior online, you can report the behavior or language. To stop sexist and racist behavior, we must adopt a zero tolerance policy.


Resources on combating racism: Everyday Feminism, Amnesty International, Ted
Resources on combating sexism: HuffPost, Elle, NPR Podcast Directory, Girl Scouts
Resources on combating homophobia: Human Rights Campaign, The Washington Post, The Guardian


The act of explaining things in a condenscent way to a woman immediately assuming she does not have sufficient knowledge about a certain topic.


Unnecessary interruption of a woman by a man, who assumes he needs to “educate” her. Then he explains obvious things to women as they are incapable of understanding it.


It is the emotional violence of manipulating a woman making her question her own sanity or capacity. Do you know that guy who calls all women “crazy”? He is the personification of gaslighting.


It happens when a man appropriates of a woman’s idea and takes credit for it.

Is there really still a pay gap between men and women? What is the pay gap for non-binary people and trans women?

Women earn less than men in 439 of 446 major U.S. occupations. The average for men is $55,835 and $43,845 for women. As designers, women earn 79% of their counterparts who are men, and this number is even lower for women of color. The most effective way to change the pay gap in the industry is hiring women and non-binary people, paying attention to their results and efforts, and rewarding them equally. It sounds simple, but we are not always aware of how much unconscious misogyny we might have. This means constantly questioning ourselves and making equality a central topic in our lives.


Studies show that after transitioning, transgender women’s earnings fall by nearly one-third. This finding echoes the lower value placed on women in the workplace. The trans and non-binary communities experience poverty at 4x the rate of the general population. Studies and conversations about the gender pay gap need to be more inclusive, rather than just about comparisons between cisgender men and women. Most corporations do not recognize people’s genders outside of male and female, and for this reason, there are very few studies on wage discrepancy for non-binary people, and this needs to change.

Besides the pay gap, how does sexism present at the workplace?

Sexual harassment is still a major problem. 75% of those who experience sexism do not report it because of embarrassment or feeling like it could jeopardize a promotion or even lead to being fired. But even when they do report it, little is done. More than half of the official allegations of sexual harassments result in no charge. Motherhood also plays a big role in the industry, as women with children have less of a chance of being hired.

I am not sexist / racist / homophobic? Or am I?

Most people won’t deliberately identify themselves as misogynistic, racist, or homophobic. However, there’s something called unconscious bias, which is the unconscious discrimination of certain groups of people: from race to religion to sexual orientation. This can manifest in different ways, whether it’s resisting to trust the choices of a woman or non-binary person or responding differently to a person of a different color than you. We can do this without consciously realizing it. It is our duty to stay open-minded to our own human defects, and continuously take a critical look at our own behaviors and privileges.


Examples of privileges include being white, cisgender, college educated, physically or mentally healthy, or financially stable. Why does this matter? Privilege can affect everything from how someone is treated in society on a daily basis to what basic human resources a person has access to. If you have privileges, you can use them to help fight for equality of more marginalized, less privileged people.

Are the events free?

Our NYC-based events are free to allow access to all people regardless of financial backgrounds. Occasionally, some of our other chapters charge a small fee to cover the hard costs of their events (speakers, space, etc).

How can I support or join Ladies, Wine & Design?

There are many ways you can support us!


Join Your Local Chapter  

We have a map on our homepage — check it out to see if you have a local LWD chapter in your city. If you do, make sure to attend an event and ask the hosts if you can assist them in any way!


Start a Local Chapter 

If your city doesn’t have a local chapter and you want to be a host, email us at and we’ll get you started!


Accessibility At All Events

At our NYC events, we make sure that all our venues are accessible, and we encourage all chapters to do the same! If you are hosting an event, make sure to use this checklist to make sure your event is accessible and that you have accessibility information listed for upcoming events



If you have space you can offer up in your city for events or can provide free wine or food for one of our events, do contact us about sponsorships! We’re happy to give social media love in exchange for your support. Before now, we’ve taken no financial donations and this project has been entirely self-funded. Currently, &Walsh is the sole financial sponsor of LW&D, but we’ll be looking for additional sponsorship this year. We’d love a corporate sponsor to help with larger events to help us hire staff to keep the organization running. The organization will never be for-profit, this money will be used entirely on our events & staff. Email us at if you’d like to discuss sponsorships.


Follow Us

You can also follow us on Instagram and follow all the amazing creatives we feature. Championing other women and non-binary creatives is one of the best ways to support Ladies, Wine & Design, so one day we don’t need to exist.

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