Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine &
a bit of Design

Creative girls living in Aveiro
gather for some talks and drinks

A monthly meet and talk with creative ladies we’ll chat on topics related to our creative work, side projects, business, and general life in the city or abroad. If you are a creative female and would like to join us, please send an email. Talks are in Portuguese or in English, if international guests join. Ladies only!
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October 21 2016, 20h Meet & Greet

We'll meet in person, introduce ourselves, talk about our current projects and share a few ideas for the upcoming events.

November 12 2016, 21h Side Projects

Why we all have side projects and what we are doing at the moment that is not work related but brings out our creativity and spices our skills.

December 10 2016, 21h Inspiration

What inspires your work? Is inspiration really important?
We will have visual artist Margarida Girão as special guest to join us!

January 28 2017, 21h Freelance vr. Full-time

This time we'll talk about our work experiences as freelance artists or in house full time creatives. Pros and cons, what made us change, and all about it! Join us!

March 4 2017, 21h Design as strategic value

With our guest Mónica Santos we will talk about what is design on the other side of something new and trendy? What more can design add to products and organizations? What strategies and processes can we find to offer projected value to our projects?

March 25 2017, 21h Social Design

Designer Susana António will be our guest and the talk will focus on her work with the elders and how we can make a difference in our local community through design.

April 21 2017, 21h Self Promotion

This time we will be sharing ideas on how to put ourselves and our work out there, how to reach an ideal audience, what tools can we use be them digital, networking or others.

May 27 2017, 21h Specialist or Generalist?

This month the focus will be on either we think it's best to be a specialist in our field of work or should we be a generalist and know our way around many skills/subjects. Join us and share your thoughts!

June 23 2017, 21h Clients from Hell

We'll be sharing client experiences, the good the bad and the extremely funny ones!

July & August 2017 Summer Holiday Break

We're all going for a swim during July and August but promisse to return in September with the monthly events!

September 30 2017, 21h The Future & Goals

September marks new challenges for most of us, returning to work after the holidays, starting new projects, embracing new career paths!
We'll be sharing our perspectives for the Future!

October 28 2017, 21h Meet the Lady #1 - Joana Mateus

We've decided to call "Meet the Lady" to the events when we'll have a special guest! This month Joana Mateus will be joining us for a nice chat about her professional experience as a designer with interests in branding, communication and her special project "a fish shop"! Come and join us!

December 2 2017, 21h Meet the Lady #2 - Catarina Violante

Another Lady as a guest! Catarina is an Industrial designer who loves food, she founded Mellow Inc, and is revolutionazing the industry adding technology! Come and meet us for an inspiring talk!

January 27 2018, 17h Fear & Failure

The event will take place at a bra fitting store (Madame Bustiê), a concept that fits perfectly for the topic this time. We'll be chatting about insecurities, fear and how to deal with it on a professional level.

March 10 2018, 17h Self Care & Creative Confidence

March is the official Women month and we prepared a special event! We'll be chatting about self love (fisical and emotional) and how it impacts our performance and self confidence!

June 29 2018, 19h Meet the Lady #3 - Daniela Duarte

Another Meet the Lady, this time with Daniela Duarte, fashion designer and brand owner at daniela. will be joining us for a talk about her work! Join us if you can!

October 20 2018, 21h Creative Career

This time the chat will go about how we can build a career in the creative industries, what does it take and what fears do we have to overcome to reach our goals. Come join the talk!

November 10 2018, 21h Balance

Another chatty talk this time around Balance, inner, professional, personal... How do we feed balance in our creative path? Come and share you thoughts with us!

Located in Portugal, Aveiro is a beautiful city by the sea and its been atracting more and more creatives. Most of the time we don't know others who are working in the creative fields and joining these events is a great excuse to meet new women and approach work related topics in a relaxed way! Ladies of all fields of creative work are welcome to join us!

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