Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine &
a bit of Design

A conversation series
between creative ladies
initiated by Jessica Walsh

A small gathering of female spirits talking about their love for creativity and design. The salon night is held in Cluj-Napoca once a month. We'll wine, dine, and have casual conversations on a wide variety of topics related to design, creativity and life. Events are free, but space is limited. If you’re a female creative and would like to join, please email us to RSVP.

March 23th, 7 PM, Secret Location

February 28th, 7 PM, Secret Location Collaboration

How do you use collaborative projects with other creatives to enhance your learning and teamwork experience? Let's talk about how we'd like it to be.

January 30th, 7 PM, Secret Location Time Management

How do you mix the time you spend working with the time you invest in personal projects? And then there's life too and sometimes things just get ahead of us. Let's meet and share experiences and advices with each other ♥

November 28th, 7 PM, Secret Location Cosy evening with some embroidery

We are going to have a cosy evening with some chat, wine and embroidery on the side. We want to challenge you to do some hand stitching so bring your needles, colorful thread and something you want to embroidery on. ♥

October 21th, 6 PM, Studio Zain Open Event

Join us for an evening of creative stories. To be told within ZAIN- design expressions. We will connect and explore our passion for beauty.
See you there!

September 29th, 18:30 PM, Impact Hub Anniversary Edition

Ladies, Wine & Design Cluj has half a year.
We want to celebrate this with you.
How? With a Bigger #6 Edition!
Details on our Facebook Page

July 19th, 19:30 PM. Secret Location. Summer Stories

We'll just discuss on our ongoing projects of the summer, in a cosy garden. The perfect spot for a good design conversation, with some wine on the side!

June 27th, 7:30 PM, Secret Location How can one maintain an authentic portofolio?

Because we’re in the midst of the summer joy, we are gladly inviting you to join us in a charming picnic spot.
We will discuss - considering the line between artistic and commercial - about how one can maintain an authentic portfolio.
We’ll be all about wine & our love for design! And about cherries. And berries. And stories. ♥

May 29th, 7 PM. Secret Location. What are you made of?

We invite you to focus on a talk about how we managed to find our style, as a matter of concept and technique. Come and have a glass of wine with us in one of the last evenings of spring.

April 25th, 7 PM. Secret Location. How do you focus on your creativity?

We know it’s very easy to get lost when you have so much to think about and lots of ideas crossing your mind. How do you manage to maintain the balance? Let’s meet to discuss what feeds us trough the journey. ♥

March 8th, 8 PM. Secret Location. What is Ladies, Wine & a bit of Design? Why LW&D Cluj?

How did this idea come to life? Where did it happen? Who are the ladies behind it? What do we dream to explore together? Can't wait to get to know you and to develop a beautiful design & creative community in the heart of Transylvania! ♥

Ladies, Wine & Design was started by Jessica Walsh in NYC and local chapters have been organised in cities all over the world.

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