Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine &
Design Cologne

A conversation series
by Jessica Walsh
hosted by Yvonne Rundio

A salon night held monthly / bimonthly will be limited to six creative ladies. We’ll wine, dine, and have casual conversations on a wide variety of topics relating to creativity, business, and life. If you’re a female student or creative and would like to join, please do email me. It’s free and reservations are first come, first serve.

In addition my aim is to set up an online community for female creatives to ask questions, get feedback, work together and get in touch with our role models. Let’s share our experiences and support each other!

P.S. I also like to invite you to And She Was Like: BÄM! – by women in art and design with monthly informal meetings, workshops and talks in Cologne.

February 27, 7:30pm, 2020 LW&D x Carolin Akstinat

Shop Visit

Just be brave!*

"The most beautiful stories start with courage" according to visual statement sayings from hell! Although, maybe there is something to it ... Only the part before is often much more decisive recklessness and naivety ahead ...

Carolin Akstinat is a shopkeeper, part-time graphic designer and freelancer ... and actually a scaredy cat, she would say about herself. In recent years, however, Caro has made decisions that seemed courageous or even daring to others. She learned a lot during the process – also had to take it, but didn't regret most of it!


November 28, 7:30pm, 2019 LW&D x Parissa Charghi

Studio Visit

The struggle is real

being a human being sometimes sucks /
being a designer sometimes too.

Allow weakness, establish mistakes and sometimes stretch the middle finger up high in the sky, then look forward again and continue. Just to be OK with not beeing OK.
The way as a designer and creative is not always straight and steep.

Parissa Charghi is a cologne based graphic designer and senior art director known for her strong typography based artwork.


October 24, 7pm, 2019 LW&D x Hannah Kuhlmann

Studio Visit

Designer* as Author – from idea to motivation to inspiration to implementation

Let’s talk about design, inspiration, motivation and next steps.

Hannah studied product design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht and will give us an insight into her world: why did she choose to found her studio in Cologne, where does design begin, where does it end, and what is Contemporary Collectible Design?


September 24, 7pm, 2019 Work in progress: Come with any project, come with any topic

Come with any project, any general life or work questions or conversations you are interested in, and lets have an open discussion about them!


June 26, 7pm, 2019 LW&D x Good To Know

Studio Visit

Be the boss and let the boss be

Why do successful women leave their company after many years? Is the glass ceiling really there? Or can you get all the way up through diligence? And maybe we have to discuss the female quota again—or just do our own thing?

Kristine Fester and Patrizia Widritzki tell from the so-called sewing box and provide themselves as a best-practice example of how to stop getting angry and put the energy into their own cause. An evening for exchange, speech and answer and a lot of courage!


May 22, 7pm, 2019 Design & Activism

On May 26th is the European election.

Let's get active and design posters to make people aware of the elections and to motivate them to vote.

On "Europe Poster" on Instagram and our social media channels, we will publish the digital posters. Every vote counts!


March 23, 3pm, 2019 LW&D x BÄM! Exhibition Visit

We invite you to a joint exhibition visit with the Kölnischer Kunstverein:

Power of Print – The Work and Life of Bea Feitler

Afterwards let’s get together at Riphahn – Café & Restaurant.


January 15, 7pm, 2019 Review 2018 & Outlook 2019

We want to talk about our achievements and experiences in 2018, as well as our plans, wishes and goals for 2019.

November 24 + 25, 12pm–4pm, 2018 LW&D SPECIAL: Handlettering Workshops

Glitter, shine and glory is in the house

After a short introduction to the brush / handlettering with brush, pencils and colors you can design your own Christmas cards, pendants and even your own wrapping paper with your motives. The holidays can come.

With Suse Engel

For more information and registration please e-mail to

September 22, 2pm–6pm, 2018 LW&D SPECIAL: Handlettering Workshop

Tropical Fever

From the pineapple to the most beautiful destination, we set the Tropical Fever on paper.
We are happy to start with the basics around the topic of handlettering. We continue with brush and paint and in the end we create great postcards and miniposters with your motives.

With Suse Engel

For more information and registration please e-mail to

September 20, 7pm, 2018 Women in power, LW&D x Onogrit

Studio Visit

How do we as women promote the perception of our professional position? What unconscious behaviors contribute to hindering our own progression? What can we learn from our male colleagues and how can we make female skills more involved in society?
On the basis of 3 theses on the topics of careers, money and social commitment, we and The ONOGRIT design studio exchange experiences, report on observations and discuss opportunities that are open to us women in the future.

July 11, 7pm, 2018 From idea to concept to design, LW&D x Lisa Pommerenke

Studio Visit

Lisa Pommerenke gives us an insight into her approach and motivation for book design. We talk about methods of creative work, finding unusual ideas, developing concepts and putting them into projects.

June 17, 2pm, 2018 Self-organization and working structured

Organization and structure can be our friends or rob us of the last nerve. How do you organize your work? How do you set goals for projects and for your self-employment? Which tools are useful? How do you build your own sustainable structure to stay focused with ease?
Let us share our experiences and practices!

*Summer meet-up with picnic in the park*

May 7, 7pm, 2018 Handlettering Workshop, LW&D x Suse Engel

Studio Visit

The computer stays off today and we concentrate on analog craft. With brushes, pencils and paper, we want to be creative and talk about hobbies, learning new things and side projects.
For Suse Engel analog work belongs to the creative everyday life and she will give us a little introduction to handlettering.

Sept 13, 7pm, 2017 Take up a stance, LW&D x Ilka Helmig

Studio Visit

The question of an individual position is an essential part of the design and artistic practice. We want to discuss opinions, design concepts, norms and conditions – as well as the ability to present our own content.

July 23, 3pm, 2017 Designer as Author

As designers we don’t need to only make other peoples brands look great. We can develop our own content & ideas and use design as a tool.

*Summer meetup in the park*

June 24, 7pm, 2017 Let’s have dinner together! LW&D x BÄM!

What are your experiences as a woman in the design industry? Let’s eat together and start with an open discussion.

Limited to 20 women.
In collaboration with And She Was Like: BÄM!
Special host: facts and fiction

May 16, 7pm, 2017 Chit Chat

Come with any general life or work questions or conversations you are interested in, and lets have an open discussion about them!

Mar 16, 7pm, 2017 Let’s talk about money and time

Organisation & Accounting: How do you plan your projects? How do you organize your business, your income and expenditure?

Feb 9, 7pm, 2017 What motivates you?

How can you find the right motivation? What is pushing you? What keeps you motivated?

Jan 12, 7pm, 2017 2016—2017

From the old to the new year – what did you achieve last year, what are your goals for the new year?

Dec 12, 7pm, 2016 Inspiration & Process

Where do ideas come from? How do you start a process in order to come up with a good idea? What are the best methods or tricks for working creatively?

Nov 21, 7pm, 2016 Where do I want to go?

Where am I? Where do I want to go? Let’s talk about your next steps to your big goal and how to achieve it.

Oct 27, 7pm, 2016 Portfolio Reviews

Bring your portfolio or website and we’ll have a discussion about your work, and how to shape your portfolio based on your goals.

Like Jessica Walsh, I asked myself why there are so few women creative directors. I believe we can change that through mentorship and championing others' work. It’s important to encourage regular exchange and to enhance visibility of female designers. Here are some things if you want to learn more:

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3% Conference: Video archive from their annual conference
Smashing Magazine: Gender Disparities in the Design Field

Numbers show that there's a very small percentage of women leading the creative industry. However, I find the people I’m inspired by most are often other talented ladies. Here are a few women I have admired or had my eye on! I have also asked other designers to tell me their female role models. Email me if you want to nominate someone for this list, especially German-speaking designers.