Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine &

A Movement
Started By Jessica Walsh

Copenhagen Chapter
Hosted By
Harley Nanfeld Foged

Ladies, Wine & Design_CPH sees itself as a monthly fireplace, which creates a space for women to be free, open and inspired. It's about exchanging ideas, making new contacts and promoting one another. We talk about design, creativity and professional structures and the everyday life that happens between all of this. Everyone who is or wants to come into contact with the creative industry is welcome. All events require a small donation and registration via biletto.

All November Open Call


Be a part of the reviving the Copenhagen Chapter! We are putting together a new team of ladies to shape the future of the danish movement.

If you are interested just contact us on the link "RSVP" below and write a little about yourself and why you want to join.


24. November, 19.00 - 20.30 You should smile more


Kreativitet betragtes som et attraktivt personligt træk, hyldes som en nødvendig kompetence i fremtidens arbejdsmarked og roses for dens gavnlige egenskaber i flere terapeutiske former.

Men er kreativiteten virkelig så rosenrød, for dem som har gjort den til sin arbejdshest?

I foredraget reflekterer Julie Katrine Andersen både filosofisk og videnskabeligt over kreativitetens skyggesider. For måske tager vi alt for let på kreativiteten, ved at behandle den som en positiv sorgløs aktivitet for alle.

Deprimerende? Der er vin til!



Ladies*, Wine** & Design is a global non-profit initiative with chapters in 280 cities worldwide. LW&D was founded in 2015 by Jessica Walsh after this happened. Only .1% of creative agencies are founded by women & non-binary people, and the numbers are even smaller for women/non-binary BIPOC. Our mission is to see more diversity in the creative industry, especially within leadership roles. LW&D takes an intersectional approach to this work. We offer free mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, talks & creative meetups for underrepresented creatives.

*Our space is inclusive of all women, non-binary, agender and gender non-conforming people. Self-definition is at the sole discretion of that individual. If you feel you could benefit from a space meant for people who do not identify as cis men to share ideas and collaborate, you are welcome. **Alcohol is entirely optional; you can drink tea, coffee, or whatever you like!