Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine & Design

A conversation series by Jessica Walsh.
Curated and hosted in Hamburg by
Anissa Carrington and Karolin Berndt.

A salon night for creative women* held monthly in Hamburg, Germany. We'll wine, dine and have casual conversations on a wide variety of topics relating to creativity, business and life. Some events will be big and some will be small – either way, reservations are first come, first serve. Stay updated on our events via Facebook or Instagram. Or just say hi!

*trans, intersex and cis as well as all nonbinary, agender and gender variant people very welcome!

February 12th, 2019 #11: *isms in Advertising

Pinkstinks is a protest and educational organization dealing with the various *isms in the creative and especially the advertising industry.

Their work focuses on educating agencies and companies about their respective missteps and the advantages of progressive and inclusive advertising.
They also offer education for teachers and parents on how to avoid raising a generation that continues clichés and stereotypes of the past.

For our 11th salon night, Pinkstinks' founder Dr. Stevie Meriel Schmiedel will inform us about the organization and their efforts.
After that, we will have a group chat about the participants' own experiences with *isms in their line of work.

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January 22nd, 2019 #10: New Tech


For our first event in 2019, we’ll explore the way new tech influences our work as designers and how we can use it to push creative boundaries even further.

Join a conversation between:
Liane Siebenhaar, Creative Strategy/DACH Lead at Snapchat
Antonia Stix, Lead Designer at mytaxi
Nora Horn, Designer at IBM iX
hosted by
Hannah Johnson, Experience Director at Demodern

You’ll also get the chance to try out Demodern's newest gadgets and projects!

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December 13th, 2018 #09: Let's meet under the Mistletoe!

We're having our very own holiday party – and everyone's invited!
Ladies, gents, friends and allies:
join us for after work drinks and some music to dance to! ❄️

The best part: you'll be able to party and do some good!
We are collecting money for the organization Oll Inklusiv that creates opportunities for Hamburg's senior citizens to participate in cultural events and stay connected and buzzing.

The event is free but we'd love for you to donate and tell your friends all about the fundraiser!

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October 16th, 2018 #08: Film


Our 8th Salon Night will be all about creating moving images!

Talking to us about their experiences will be:

Yvonne Inlund, Creative Director
Kathrin Albers, Director
Sarah Niemann, Filmmaker.

The talk will be moderated by The Marmalade COO Executive Producer Lynn Andernach.

Come and join us!

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September 25th, 2018 #07: Newbies


You're a creative lady* who's new in town and looking for connections?

Then this night is perfect for you!

Our guest will be Harriet Dohmeyer, the founder of Fräulein Anker and Ankerwechsel Verlag as well as the author of the beautiful travel guides "Hallo Hamburg" and "Hallo Kopenhagen".

Harriet will tell us about her work as an freelance author, photographer and publisher and she'll also give you an insider sneak peek into Hamburg's sweetest spots.

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August 28th, 2018 #06: Mothers


Our sixth salon night will be all about creatives, who also happen to be mothers – working as one as well as working with them.

Join us at Geometry Global Hamburg for an interesting and honest talk between Nina Puri, Petra Cremer and Sabine Dittrich, moderated by Bettina Olf.

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July 6th, 2018 #05: LW&D HH x Millerntor Gallery

Imke Machura of the Raketerei-Podcast will chat with photographer and DJ Katja Ruge about the importance of a strong visual identity for musicians in a social-media driven world and her individual experience between the two worlds of music and art.

Join us at Millerntor Gallery's Säulengang stage for an interesting and inspiring conversation between two straight up Ladybosses!

July 5th, 2018 #04: LW&D HH x Forward Festival

w/ Ann Eckert, Anna T-Iron and Friederike Hantel

Join us at Forward Festival’s Living Room Stage for the best presentation you’ll ever see, held by three of Hamburg’s finest creatives!

June 19th, 2018 #03: Words


Chris Campe of All Things Letters is bold: she runs her own design studio, writes books for designers and gives talks at conferences. For LW&D #03 she tells you the secrets to lettering, publishing books and public speaking. And she encourages you to be bold, too.


May 15th, 2018 #02: Founders


A group talk led by Katrin Oeding, Elisabeth Plass and Stephanie Solar. After successfully founding their own design / photography agencies respectively, they will talk to us about the chances and challenges of founding your own office.

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March 27th, 2018 #01: LW&D Hamburg
Kick-Off Event


Woohoo! Come celebrate the birth of the brand new Hamburg chapter of Ladies, Wine & Design with us!
We're starting off with a small presentation and talk on LW&D, followed by lots of glasses of good wine.

Sounds good?
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The vast majority of graphic design students are women, yet only about one tenth of all creative directors are female. Let's change this, hand in hand. By meeting regularly, exchanging experiences and learning from each other, we will be able to promote equality in the creative workforce. Would you like to read more on and around this subject? Check out the articles below.

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Check out the work of some of Hamburg's finest creative minds: Designers, photographers and illustrators we know well, work with, or whose work we admire from a distance. This list is still growing. Mail us if you think we should add someone!