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Elina Holley, Eija Vierimaa, Katja Järventaka, Pauliina Nikola, Kira Sjöberg, Leena Karkkolainen, Elsa Ervasti & Aini Mäensivu

Ladies, Wine & Design provides events for creatives and like-minded professionals. We have casual conversations about design, business and creative life over a glass of wine. We are committed to encouraging each other and sharing knowledge, as well as having fun and being awesome. Our network hosts inspiring talks, company visits and small group gatherings (in Finnish or English depending on the occasion). The number of attendees is limited, but varies according to the capacity of each event. We try our best to make our events free of charge and our reservations open to all on a first come, first served basis.
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March 21, 5:30pm, 2019 LWD x Epic Growth Hacking Stories

Growth mindset enables you to adopt to the ever-changing world. Join us to hear Mari Luukkainen’s three fascinating growth hacking stories. After that, we’ll roll up our sleeves and figure out how to generate growth in action. If you have a case you are willing to share with others, we would love to use it as an example! Bottom line, the point is to do relevant, user-centred work based on rapid testing in order to have maximum impact and long-term gains. Exciting, right? There are no silver bullets. Success is a journey. Are you ready to grow?
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March 11, 4:45pm, 2019 IPR & licensing in creative industries

What should everybody working in the creative industry know about intellectual property rights, licensing, trademarks and all that stuff? What exactly are intellectual property rights and why do we know so little about them? Our speakers are top of the field; Kati Uusi-Rauva, Director of AGMA (Agents and managers in creative industries) and Juhani Talvela, intellectual property and IPR researcher in LUT and Aalto University. Come and join us because knowledge is power (and money)!
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January 17, 5pm, 2019 LWD x Burnout panel & workshop

In our first event of the year we take a look at the concept of burning out. First we have a panel discussion, about how young women are pressurised to succeed and what success actually should or could mean. The panelists include the awesome and experienced leaders Ilse Manner/ Roima & Suvi Johansson / Differo and Lotta Vaija / Avidly Finland. In the following workshop we will aim to find quick ideas and solutions for a better work/life balance. Moderator and facilitator of the event is the wonderful artist-coach Katriina Haikala.
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December 11, 5pm, 2018 LWD Movie Night: Design Disruptors

This time we celebrate the power of design by watching a documentary Design Disruptors. It's a film designed to be a series of snapshots into renowned designers’ secret worlds. It aims to discover the true nature of the design-driven business revolution happening around the world. The film is produced by Invision, duration approx 1hr 10min, in english, no subtitles.
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November 29, 6pm, 2018 Xmas Party!

This November, for the second time, the magnificent women’s networks Ladies, Wine & Design, Future Female and Howtomo unite to host a superb Christmas Party in cooperation with Hotel Haven. We have an amazing event coming up including some serious networking, great food, wine and of course inspiring women sharing their knowledge on AI, humans and the art of interaction: Janina Backlund from Microsoft, Hanna Hagström from Reaktor and Minttu Ripatti from Fonedom.
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November 21, 5:30pm, 2018 LWD x F€€$ ft. Leena Kisonen

Are you a hustler? Do you know what you’re worth? Does estimating cost give you anxiety? Are you ready reveal your pricing processes and hourly rates? Welcome to our confidential discussion event about fees (in Finnish). You will get peer support from our small group and the illustrator and the “money rebel” queen, Leena Kisonen.
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September 13, 5:30pm, 2018 LWD x Collaborations ft. Laura Väinölä & Henri Pulkkinen

Have you ever wondered how collaborations born or how to combine different artforms? Designer Laura Väinölä and musician Henri Pulkkinen discuss the intersections of different artforms with us. The event is a collaboration between LWD and TBWA\ Helsinki.
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May 4, 6pm, 2018 LWD x Måndag & Ethical creative business

Ethical business interests people, or does it really? Everyone wants to do good, but why the change happens so slowly? Why ethically and socially sustainable business doesn’t seem to interest men? Or is that just a myth? The discussion is led by LWD and Måndag’s Ina Mikkola and Arto Sivonen. Join us!
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April 18, 5:30pm, 2018 LWD x Vapa & Creative processes & leadership

How to cope with pressure, budgets, timetables and still be creative? You are invited to discuss leadership in the field of marketing with us. The talk is hosted by Vapa Media’s founder Ida Hakola and the Creative Director Jenni Valtiala.
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March 13, 5:30pm, 2018 LWD x Rauha Mäkilä & Helsinki Contemporary

Helsinki Contemporary gallery invites us to meet artist Rauha Mäkilä and discuss with her and Katja Räisänen about the creative process, work in contemporary art and cooperation between the artist and the gallery.
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March 7, 5:30pm, 2018 LWDfromHEL x Stoodio

Let’s get our creative juices flowing! We arrange a photography workshop together with Stoodio - Finland’s first automatic photo studio. We get to play a little with all the equipment and experiment with some products. If you deal with photos in your daily work, this is for you!
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February 22, 5:30pm, 2018 LWDfromHEL After Work x Haven, part II

The LWD year started with open and casual after work drinks last month and this month we are continuing with the tradition. You are warmly welcome to join other creative ladies in Hotel Haven's Bar Haven on Thursday 22nd February.
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February 6, 5:30pm, 2018 LWDfromHEL x Napa Agency

The founder of Napa Agency Marjo Granlund will tell us about what it takes to make it in the illustration business in Finland. She talks about working as an agent for art & design in the business world. One of the Napa artists, Terhi Ekebom, will lead a short 30-minute dreamworks workshop during the evening.
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January 25, 5:30pm, 2018 LWDfromHEL After Work x Haven

LWD year starts with casual after work drinks. You are warmly welcome to join our creative ladies in Hotel Haven's Bar Haven. This is the start of our monthly after works with Hotel Haven - every last Thursday of the month (at least during the spring). Music by guest dj Fiona Timantti!
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November 22, 6:00pm, 2017 Christmas party!

This November, Future Female, Howtomo and Ladies, Wine & Design networks unite their forces to host a festive “Pikkujoulut” in cooperation with Restaurant Haven. Expect some guided networking, delicious food, secret santa, inspiring speech by Jenni Janakka, glitter make-up by Glitternisti and first of all great time!
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November 20, 5:30pm, 2017 Creative Play Workshop

Come and boost our creativity with designer and artist Kukka-Maria Kiuru in her Creative Play Workshop. Play has a great impact on your brain and it helps open doors you didn't know existed. Play also strengthens your intuition and together play and intuition are a powerful tool for making discoveries and finding inspiration.
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October 3, 5:30pm, 2017 LWDfromHEL x Katja Tukiainen

LWDfromHEL organises an after work event in one of the hottest galleries in Helsinki. Saariaho Järvenpää is a cutting edge gallery representing the best Finnish contemporary artists. Gallerist Jari Saariaho and artist Katja Tukiainen are giving short speeches about art and art marketing.
More info Closed

September 28, 5:30pm, 2017 LWDfromHEL x Vincit: Self leadership

In today’s increasingly self-organised working life, is the employee freedom a threat or a possibility? We’re hosting a workshop on self-leadership together with the flat hierarchy software company Vincit and coach Nenne Amnell.
More info Closed

August 17, 5pm, 2017 The Happy Film Screening

We are thrilled that the legendary graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister has given us the opportunity to show his experiment/creation ‘the Happy Film’. We’ll be screening the film at marketing company Miltton’s office and discuss the thoughts about the film afterwards over a casual drink.
More info Closed

June 13, 5:30pm, 2017 LWDfromHEL Money talks

Why is money such a taboo? We’re going to talk about our paychecks and pricing of our work for real - confidentially in a small group. Are you ready to share your experiences, and really open up the taboo of money? We are.
More info Closed

June 2, 5pm, 2017 LWDfromHEL open After Work

Did you miss our events? Or attended, but had too little time to chat? Or do you just want to hang out with new creative people? Join LWD's After Work drinks in Le Petit Chaperon Rouge wine bar in Katajanokka seaside. Stay for a while or the whole night, come as you are.
More info Closed

May 23, 5:30pm, 2017 Going international with Ivana Helsinki

Join us to hear the inspiring story of Ivana Helsinki! Our wonderful guest for the night is Pirjo Suhonen, co-founder of Ivana Helsinki.
More info Closed

May 11, 5pm, 2017 LWDfromHEL x Avaus: CHANGE

The theme for our first event is CHANGE. Our special guest for the night is the awarded designer Päivi Topinoja-Aranko. Come celebrate change with us!
More info Closed

Jessica Walsh, a designer and partner at Sagmeister & Walsh, started Ladies, Wine & Design in NYC to boost female creativity, as only a small percent of creative directors, CEOs and board members are women. She believes in making a difference through mentorship and championing others’ work. We loved the idea and decided to bring this network to Helsinki. We want to foster trust, honesty and provide a space in which everyone can speak openly. We can’t wait to meet more amazing creatives in Helsinki and see where this journey takes us.

#LWDmuse is an initiative to spotlight the work of women we admire. We publish our mini interviews on our LWDfromHEL Facebook and Instagram pages. Below you find the links to our LWDmuses' personal websites.