Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine & Design

A conversation series
inspired by Jessica Walsh
& hosted by Chem and Thea
to empower women & non-binary creatives around the world

Ladies*, Wine** & Design is a global non-profit initiative with chapters in 250 cities worldwide. LW&D was started by Jessica Walsh after this happened as and she realized that sometimes peers can be competitive or unsupportive of one another. Only a small percentage of creative directors are women or non-binary, and LW&D wants to help change this through mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, talks & creative meetups.

*Our space is inclusive of all women, non-binary, agender and gender non-conforming people. Self-definition is at the sole discretion of that individual. If you feel you could benefit from a space meant for people who do not identify as men to share ideas and collaborate, you are welcome. **Alcohol is entirely optional; you can drink tea, coffee or whatever you like!

We'll wine, dine, and have casual conversations on a wide variety of topics relating to creativity, business, and life. Reservations are first come, first served. It's free to join!

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March 27, 6:30pm Self Love

In celebration of International Women's Month, our convo series will be all about SELF-LOVE. We want to shed a light on one of the hardest struggles of most women. In a two-part celebration, we will be having a conversation series on self-love and a Healing Circle Workshop with our guest speaker this month - Heal Well with Micah. We will explore how to be more mindful on being kind to ourselves. We want to help develop how to love ourselves more fully to help ladies translate this love in life, creativity and business.

April 25, 6:30pm Balancing Personal with Professional Work

How do you manage your personal work with professional work? This April, we want to talk about finding the balance with creative work and recognizing which one falls in which bucket. This is a conversation about finding a balance in both. We'll also discuss how finding balance through self-care and boundaries can benefit both a creative practice and one's mental state.

May 25, 4:30pm Life as a Filipina Creative 2

We're bringing back our kick-off topic on Life as a Filipina Creative.

We'll talk about communication and questions that explore how art/design evoke empathy, how users connect with the creators' work, and so on; How culture, language, situation, gender or experience plays a role in the translation of communication in cross-cultural art, design or published media; and design in the community - What is the role of design in our society? How has creativity shaped culture, and created a community around it?

June 22, 6:30pm Inspiring Independence

We’ll talk about how our local culture can be used to communicate our country’s beauty through design; where to get inspiration; and how to start creating.

July 31, 6:30pm Life of an Artist

We'll talk aout how life is for an artist and the blossoming rFilipinas; how to face change in careers and crossroads in life; motivations for the 9-5 grind; client relationships, an artist's highs and lows, mentorship advice and more.

October 12, 4:00pm Communicating the Value of Design

Opening Soon

Jessica Walsh wrote an article on about her experience with other women in the industry, and how sometimes women can be unsupportive of each other. She's done a lot of thinking and reading on why there are so few women creative directors. Under Jessica's influence, we believe we can change that through mentorship and championing others' work. Here are some articles for inspiration if you want to learn more:

Ad Age: What We Can Do About the Dearth of Female Creatives?
Fast co: Where are all the women Creative Directors?
3 % Conference: Video archive from their annual conference
Smashing Magazine: Gender Disparities in the Design Field

Numbers show that there's a very small percentage of women leading the creative industry. However, we find the people we're inspired by most are often other talented ladies. This list will be about the women we admire, work with, or have our eyes on! Email us if you want to nominate someone for this list.