Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine &

Hosted by Aishwarya Yadav

Ladies, Wine Design was started by Jessica Walsh as an initiative to foster women in the creative field. Only a tiny percent of creative directors are women, and LW&D wants to help change this through mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, and creative meet-ups. Typically a group of 6 women (and more) get together monthly for some D-talk. Incase you want to join, you can email me! Send Mail

October 12 (2017), 7 PM Round One!

First meet-up in Mumbai!

April 21 (2018), 3 PM Social media, a boon or a bane

Discussing the pro's and con's of Social Media.
Courtesy: Lightbox

October 26 (2018), 7:30 PM Empowered women, empower women

Creating a safe space and community for women in the wake of recent events.
Lilya Sabatier (Empowerment & liberation coach)
Isha Haria (Clinical Psychologist)
Rutuja Shinde (Lawyer)
In collaboration with Kultureshop. Beverage Partners: Raw Pressery and Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters.

November 30 (2018), 7 PM Studio Business

Conversation between two women who run their own studio.
Pritha Sahai (Please See//)
Mehek Malhotra (Giggling Monkey Studio)

Beverage Partner: Bira91, Stranger & Sons Gin & Svami Tonic Water

January 11 (2019), 7:30 PM Impostor Syndrome

How to cope with Impostor Syndrome and finding your voice in the creative industry.
Roshnee Desai (Founder - Local)
Venue Partner: The A
Beverage Partner: Fratelli Wines

April 26 (2019), 7 PM Carving Your Own Path

How to find your own style and colouring outside the box.

Poorva Shingre
Ayesha Kapadia

Music: Gouri & Nush

Location Courtesy: Levi's Lounge


June 14 (2019), 7 PM Mindfulness

When we practise 'Mindfulness' our thoughts tune into what we are sensing in the present moment rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future.

Swapna Nair (Creative Entrepreneur)
Namrata Jain (Life Coach/Counsellor)

Location Courtesy: Levi's Lounge


October 5 (2019), 6 PM Passion Projects

Passion Projects are usually activities you undertake in your spare time, while for some they are hobbies, often we see these projects blossoming into full time work.

Speaker: Shweta Malhotra
speaks about how Passion Projects helped her become the designer she is today.

Location Courtesy: Levi's Lounge

Beverage Partners: Moonshine Meadery

November Hot Type

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