Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine &
a bit of Design

A monthly gathering for creative women in Oradea.
Founded by Jessica Walsh

A small gathering of awesome and creative ladies will be held monthly in Oradea. We’ll drink wine and have casual conversations on creativity, design, business and life.
So if you’re a female student, aspiring creative or a professional join us by sending an e-mail at:
It's free and reservations are first come, first served.

24 March, 7 pm Six - Let's Bloom

Spring is here & we creative ladies are ready to bloom!

22 December, 7:30 pm Five - Inspiration & Resolutions

As the holidays are approaching this time, we will discuss what inspires us in our daily work and our plans as creative women for the new year.

12 November, 11:00 am Meet the Ladies x TEDxAdventures

Our first exhibition as a community organized in partnership with TEDxAdventures.
Free entry.

21 October, 11:00 am Four - Coffee workshop

Chill talks & planning our next event as a community over a cup of coffee at Manifest Pentru Oradea.

30 September, 6:30 pm Three - Roots

We're gonna make some brainstorming about the projects we already talked about at our previous meetings so please bring a small notebook! We also have a surprise for you awesome and creative girls!

August Summer Break

We're taking a little break till our next meeting at the end of september. Hope you are too!

29 July, 6:30 pm Two - Plant The Seeds

How do we plant creativity and good taste in everything we do? Projects, exhibitions & future colaborations between the awesome ladies of Oradea.

24 June, 7 pm One - Let's meet!

We all know women are creative and ambitious, but first, let’s start by getting to know each other. We’ll build the perfect environment for us to talk about creativity, design and passion. Our work and personal ambitions will be the main focus and we’ll get the chance to promote our work, future projects and collaborations. Can’t wait to meet you all and let’s get this beautiful community going!

Ladies, Wine & Design was started by Jessica Walsh in NYC and local chapters have been organised in cities all over the world.

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These conversation series held monthly are a great way to connect us, build friendships and support each other’s work. Spread the ♥ for creativity by sending us an e-mail with your favorite female creative from Oradea.

Here are the ladies we're proud of: