Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine & Design

Conversation nights hosted by
Alina, Andreea, Anna & Kristýna

A salon night held monthly, limited to ten creatives. Casual and intimate, this is a night to talk about creativity, business and life in a relaxed atmosphere with a couple glasses of your preferred drink. If you are a creative and would like to join, please do email us. It’s free and reservations are first come, first served.

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26th November, 19:00 Show Your Work ONLINE

Showing your work, discussing it with others and hearing various opinions is usually quite a hate love relationship, right? Though we think that as designers we often very closely associate ourselves with what we do, it becomes our sense of identity - so why not have a friendly chat about this designery face of ours.

(10 minutes to present your work + 5 minutes discussion)

What to bring: Your presentation*, good mood, quality internet connection & wine of course.

To make everything nice and cozy, we chose an online conferencing tool that allows you to view other participants during your presentation.

* If you sign up, please arrive ready to show and talk about your work. You will present by sharing your screen to others. As a guideline, we only give you a time limit of 10 minutes - apart from that it is completely up to you. You can present your portfolio, a few works - or maybe even just one project. It can be a finished piece of work, but also work in progress.

Tip: Think of what you would like to take from this event. In the 5 minutes after your presentation, other attendees will be able to ask you questions - but you can also ask their opinions or tell them in the beginning what would you like them to focus on. Would you like ideas on how to develop a work in progress? Or if your folio appears stronger in packaging or in UX?


Jessica Walsh started Ladies, Wine & Design in New York after doing a lot of thinking and reading on why there are so few women creative directors. She believes we can change that through mentorship and championing others' work.

We also believe in the power of community, having a space to discuss, share ideas and learn from each other. Our aim is not to go grande - we want to keep it a casual and intimate space for an open conversation.

*Our space is inclusive of all women, non-binary, agender and gender non-conforming people. Self-definition is at the sole discretion of that individual. If you feel you could benefit from a space meant for people who do not identify as men to share ideas and collaborate, you are welcome. **Alcohol is entirely optional; you can drink tea, coffee or whatever you like!

Numbers show that there's a very small percentage of women leading the creative industry. However, we find the people we are inspired by most are often other talented ladies. Here are a few women we have admired, worked with, or just noticed! Email us if you want to nominate someone for this list. If you wish to connect personally with the chapter hosts, you can find us among the ladies below.