Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine &
a bit of Design

A conversation series with Jessica Walsh
Hosted by Aishwarya Jare

A monthly event series with a small group of creative ladies. We’ll wine, dine, and have casual conversations and workshops on a wide variety of topics relating to creativity, business, and life. If you’re a female student or creative and would like to be a part of the community or like to sign up for our newsletter, click here.
Follow us on Instagram to know about future events. If you'd like to host us in your space, share your craft, be a mentor, or lead a discussion, please do get in touch.

27th of October Women in the Creative fields

Welcome to our premiere! Come wine, dine, and talk design with your favourite community of creative women. We’re hosting Pune's first event. Come and mingle with other amazing creative ladies at Therefore Design Studio!

Jessica Walsh started Ladies, Wine & Design in New York after doing a lot of thinking and reading on why there are so few women creative directors. She believes we can change that through mentorship and championing others' work.
We couldn't agree more, and we also think it would be fun to meet other creative women. We want to create a warm, open and honest environment were woman can talk real with each other. We want to be on each other's side because creative ladies rule!

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