Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine &
a bit of Design

A conversation series created by Jessica Walsh,
hosted by Olya Shishkina in Saint Petersburg!

A salon night held monthly will be limited to twenty creative ladies. We’ll wine and have casual conversations on a wide variety of topics relating to creativity, business, projects and life.

Вечерние ежемесячные встречи дизайнеров (и не только) в Петербурге. Обсуждаем интересное и важное — бизнес, развитие, проекты, реализацию и так далее. Следите за анонсами в инстаграме.

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December 15, 6PM Power of creativity

How can we use creativity at work? Can we learn it and how? Type of creative person based on your psychotype. Speaker is Ulia Burlakova, CEO of

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January, 26 Work-life balance


March, 30 Big shift. Make it and deal with it

This spring let's speak about career shift! How to change work field, how to weight your benefits and realise you are ready to change something? Is always a change provide by ourselves or because a society pressure?

April, 27 Art of small steps.

This April we'll discuss how to launch your own business and how to deal with stress, money, education and reach a dream.

May, 25 Nature vs Nurture

What does identify our personality and life choice? Does our nature talents play a significant role or we are able to build ourselves due to education and surrounding?

June, 29 FOMO (fear of missing out)

Where FOMO did come from? How to deal with fears of missing opportunities? We'll figure it out and explore some tricks how to avoid FOMO.

October, 12 Build the future

Honest talk about modern architecture and urban design. Modern cities, smart cities, where city life is going?
Who in charge of building towns of the future and how the city impacts our behavior. What's trends at building and interior design today? How to express yourself through architecture but to make space comfortable for clients and worth esthetically at the same time?

November, 30 The power of freelance

Benefits and drawbacks of being freelancer aе creative industry. Two of ladies, illustrator and font designer share their long experience being freelancers )

February 1 Pecha Kucha

Variable topics from 12 ladies of our community. We are gonna share and discuss our experience in a number of fields — education, design, management, traveling.

Numbers show that there's a very small percentage of women leading the creative industry despite the overwhelming evidence that diversity is directly correlated to an organization's success. However, we find the people we're inspired by most are often other talented ladies. Here are a few women we admire, work with, or have our eyes on!