Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine &
a bit of Design
San Diego

A conversation series
founded by Jessica Walsh
hosted by Lindsey Harris & Stacey Edelstein

A monthly event series with a small group of creative ladies. We’ll wine, dine, and have casual conversations and workshops on a wide variety of topics relating to creativity, business, and life. If you’re a female student or creative and would like to join, click here. Events are free and reservations are first come, first serve. If you'd like to host us in your space, share your craft, be a mentor, or lead a discussion, please do get in touch.

June 9th, 2021 6pm 14: VIRTUAL: LW&D x Insulet

What keeps you inspired on your path? As designers, we depend on our inspiration to stay creative. Despite these challenging times, our priorities and values keep us motivated and striving towards success. Join us in a conversation with the ladies of Insulet to learn and share how our inspiration, priorities, and values help to cultivate professional and personal abundance and excitement! RSVP

April 1st, 2021 5:30Pm 13: VIRTUAL: Exercising Creativity

Has pandemic life made it easier to stay in creative flow or harder? Let's spark some inspiration with sharing your attack to creative flow and exercising your creativity, even when you feel like anything but.

Feb 4th, 2021 6:30PM 12: VIRTUAL: Ladies Get Paid Fireside Chat

Want to take command of your career and get paid what you deserve?
Join us in conversation with Claire Wasserman as we discuss how women can level up professionally and financially.

August 15th, 2019 6:30pm 11: Wine & Watercolor

Fine artist Stefanie Bales will be sharing her process and techniques, then guiding us through some exercises in watercolor. ($20 cover charge)

July 18th, 2019 6:30pm 10: Ethics in Design & Research

Hosted by the ladies of FreshForm!

April 11th, 2019 6:30pm 09: Burning Questions

Inquisitive. Curious. Traits of creative thinkers. Perhaps there was something you wanted to ask a coworker/boss/mentor but didn’t? Is there a topic that you’ve always had a question about but haven't had the right person to ask? Bring your burning questions about the industry, business, design, etc. for the group to tackle in mini discussions.

March 7th, 2019 6:30pm 08: “Me, myself and _________"

All of us harbor multiple selves. Who we are at 1am on a Saturday night is probably vastly different than who we are and how we present ourselves at 10am on a Monday morning (cue “Night Moves.”)
So the question is - can we really be ourselves in the workplace? Let’s talk about how these personas affect our work and our wellbeing.

January 10th, 2019 6:30pm 07: Cheers(& So Long) to 2018

Let’s celebrate successes from 2018. What better way to inspire us in 2019 than to hear about all the amazing things the group accomplished last year. Big or small, let’s share moments that made a difference 
for us.

November 8th, 2018 6:30pm 06: To all the Projects We've Loved Before

What does a 'dream project' actually look like? 
What made it great? The team, the work, the environment where it was created? 
Let’s talk about your favorite projects, and how they landed there.

May 24th, 2018 6:30pm 05: Inspiration in SD

How do you find inspiration to drive your creativity? Is it social for you? meeting new people or having fresh experiences. Is it private, through reading or browsing? Let's chat about sources of inspiration, particularly what's around us in San Diego that we can tap into!

January 25th, 2018 6:30pm 04: Year in Reflection

Let's review things that have majorly impacted the way we work this year. Whether it's a new skill or tool your utilizing, or a new process or insight, Come prepared to chat about something you've learned in 2017.

Nov. 2nd, 2017 6:30pm 03: Work/Life Balance

As we lead into the holiday season, let's talk about how we keep it all balanced (or not). What gives you energy, and what zaps it? What's your approach to rest and motion?

Sept. 29th, 2017 6:30pm 02: Creative Leadership

Women still only represent a small percent of creative director positions. Let's discuss what we can do to shift these numbers, and discuss topics around business & creative leadership.

August 17th, 2017 6:30pm 01: Jump Off

Come with any general life or work questions or conversations you are interested in, as well as a project you’re working on, and lets have an open discussion about them!

Jessica Walsh started LW&D in New York after doing a lot of thinking and reading on why there are so few women creative directors. She believes we can change that through mentorship and championing others' work. We couldn't agree more. Here are some articles that inspired us if you want to learn more:

Ad Age: What We Can Do About the Dearth of Female Creatives?
Fast co: Where Are All The Women Creative Directors?
Smashing Magazine: Gender Disparities in the Design Field
3% Conference: Video archive from their annual conference

Numbers show that there's a very small percentage of women leading the creative industry. However, we find the people we're inspired by most are often other talented ladies. We're starting a list of influential women who have had a positive impact on San Diego's creative community. Email me if you want to nominate someone for this list!