Ladies, Wine & Design

San Jose

Created by Jessica Walsh
Hosted by Kladi from Printmysoul

If you are a female student or creative, join our events in San Jose hosted by Kladi.
You can find us Instagram and Facebook and contact us via email.
If you would like to join or are interested in updates please join our mailing list.

Ladies*, Wine** & Design was started by Jessica Walsh when she realized that sometimes peers can be competitive or unsupportive of one another. Only a small percentage of creative directors are women or non-binary, and LW&D wants to help change this through mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, talks & creative meetups.

LWD is a global non-profit initiative with chapters in 250 cities worldwide.

Events are free and reservations are first-come, first-served.

Our space is inclusive of all women, non-binary, agender and gender non-conforming people. Self-definition is at the sole discretion of that individual. If you feel you could benefit from this space, you are welcome. **Alcohol is entirely optional; you can drink tea, coffee or whatever you like!

We're looking for support from local organizations to help cover the costs of running LWD San Jose and to make our events accessible to everyone.

Send us an email to collaborate with us.

Kladi is actively looking for a lead-pal to run events in San Jose.
Get in touch , if you want to jump on board!