Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine &
— Slovakia

A conversation series from and for
the female creatives of Slovakia

Ladies*, Wine** & Design is a global non-profit initiative with chapters in 280 cities worldwide. LW&D was founded in 2015 by Jessica Walsh.

Only .1% of creative agencies are founded by women & non-binary people, and the numbers are even smaller for women/non-binary BIPOC. Our mission is to see more diversity in the creative industry, especially within leadership roles. LW&D takes an intersectional approach to this work.

The Slovak Chapter aims to meet on a monthly basis with talks, meetups & workshops for underrepresented creatives. We would like to share possible job offers amongst the community. Let us know if you have some!

*Our space is inclusive of all women, non-binary, agender, and gender non-conforming people. Self-definition is at the sole discretion of that individual. If you feel you could benefit from a space meant for people who do not identify as cis men to share ideas and collaborate, you are welcome. **Alcohol is entirely optional; you can drink tea, coffee, or whatever you like!

February 4, 7pm Slovak Chapter Inauguration

Collective brainstorming on Instagram Live with founding members - join us with a cup of whatever you want, and let's brainstorm together about what we will be doing here in 2021. We are bringing ideas & wine to the table.


Ahoj Slovensko! Hello from Slovakia!
New year, a new chapter. Born in the rough conditions of global events, we aim to establish a conversation between the women in the creative community—a series of talks & creative meetups. For now, online and perhaps once upon a time in real life. The goal is to build a strong community of female creatives in the industry, share ideas, support each other, and have meaningful collaborations.
Follow us on social media and stay tuned for our events. Cheers!