Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies, Wine &
/ Timisoara

A conversation series
between creative ladies
initiated in NYC
by Jessica Walsh

Dedicated to women in design, this is a series of easy going meetups around a glass of wine and a conversation on creativity, work and life.

We are overjoyed with new guests every time so do write to us at and we'll save a seat for you at our earliest available meetup.

February 2019 Lift Off(S)!

Let's fuel this first meetup with
stories of how we all first started,
understand what it takes to grow
and exchange some of those critical make-or-break moments we pulled through to get here! After all, it is our first chat together!


March 2019 The Inevitable
Screw Up

Let's relax and find inspiration in
those times we've messed up while
we understand if and to what extent mistakes fuel creativity. Share the story, reshape the myth of perfection!


January 2020 Where did my holiday go?!

Let it sink in - we're back to work and lovin it - but cannot help wonder - does rest of stress kindle creativity more?

opening soon

February 2020 Time flies...

... when you' re having fun, when
you're trying to get some work done, when you're searching for good old inspiration. Let's have a chat on how to get the most from the time we spend on creative work and put it out there!

opening soon

Ladies, Wine & Design was started by Jessica Walsh in NYC and local chapters have been organised in cities all over the world. The Timisoara Chapter begins in early 2019 with the belief that sharing knowledge, offering support and building community are actions that benefits everyone, long term.

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The Timisoara Ladies, Wine & Design chapter is curated by Alexandra Spiridon & Maria Sgîrcea.